“This table is important to me for the security it provides. Faced with an active shooter, I’d want everything stacked in my favor and this table provides that tactical advantage and protection.”
Michael Ford
Special Operations Chief SOCM (Ret.)

The entire experience left me energized with possibilities. Not only by adding an incredible layer of protection during an active threat, but that law enforcement are not the only people concerned with safety. These tables were designed and built by furniture installers for the purpose of saving lives. I had never considered ballistic tables before this experience, but someone else did. This experience let me know that others in the community share our concern for safety. Although we, as law enforcement officers, may feel like we constantly battle the general public over their own safety and security, it is inspiring to see so many others standing with us.”
David Sumner
21-year career as law enforcement/security professional
Author of “Pro-Active Policing Strategies for Campus Law Enforcement” published by LRP publications.
A.L.I.C.E. Instructor since 2016
Adjunct Instructor for the South West Alabama Police Academy
State of Alabama Certified Firearms and Security Professional Instructor 2014 – present
Graduate of the South West Alabama Police Academy 1994

“Having something like that at our disposal would be fantastic.”
Jim Boles
Upper School Principal – Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences

“Having spent 18 years in Law Enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff and 14 years in SWAT along with 22 years prior military, it is comforting to see a new product to protect our families.

Thanks to First Line Furniture, there is now a product in place to help protect our children, teachers and the public from a possible active shooter.

The First Line Furniture Flip Top table was created to provide a secure barrier that can be deployed by anyone should the need arise.”
Randolph Duncan