UL 752 Industry Standards

First Line Furniture products are made from only UL752 – Level 8 Material. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Here are the standards:

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., the world’s oldest and largest, not for profit, independent testing company, wrote the standard for bullet resistant materials. The UL752 standard has been widely accepted throughout the world as the standard for architectural bullet resistive building materials.

A ballistic resistive product becomes “UL Listed” after being subjected to a variety of ballistic tests which include shooting the materials while frozen at -25 degrees Fahrenheit and while heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. After the initial testing series, the product is then set up for maintenance testing that involves “pulling random samples” without notice from the manufacturer’s routine production on a quarterly rotation. This rigorous testing schedule ensures that the product is being made without variation and has the highest level of ballistic resistive integrity available.​

Performance Level:

Material Benefits: