In light of today’s climate of rising active shooter scenarios in educational and business environments, as well as the recent implementations of active shooter training throughout these institutions, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of adequate protection currently offered by existing furniture products on the market today. We at First Line Furniture®  took notice and went to work designing, building and testing a remarkable piece of furniture that offers true, physical protection from projectiles from high power, assault style rifles such as the AK-47, AR-15 & AR-10s.

After dedicated research, design and development, exhaustive lab and field testing, First Line Furniture® introduces unprecedented protection against targeted violence. Conceived by a team of commercial furniture installation professionals, products such as the First Responder table by First Line Furniture® transform from ordinary pieces of furniture to extraordinary, lifesaving barriers in mere seconds. We’ve designed many of our products to be mobile to help amplify their versatility.

With decades of experience in the commercial furniture and construction industry, the founders of First Line Furniture® tirelessly pursued a collective vision of designing and creating practical pieces of furniture that we all use on a daily basis, but with an additional extraordinary purpose, to protect people and save lives. We develop seemingly ordinary items to be used in an extraordinary ways, in the same facilities where we have spent most of our careers––in education and business.

Our products’ applications extend to:

  • Schools – K-12, Higher Education
  • Military
  • Medical and professional office buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Private businesses

This classroom-type work table would be functional and durable for daily use and possess stylish design aesthetics. Most importantly, our products are able to absorb and neutralize multiple high-velocity rounds from high velocity firearms in the hands of a potential threat.